Idioma de la ficha: English
Cargo de la persona de contacto: Incoming Tourism Manager
Horarios de atención: Monday - Friday: 09:00 to 13:15 and from 16:00 to 19:30 h.
Proyectos de referencia: San Sebastian Gastronomika, Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco, International Cheese Festival, Mundial de Mus

The first thing to emphasize is that we are an unconventional travel agency leading thousands of people providing personalized unique experiences since 1991. We speak of 'experience' and not mere 'travel' because we believe that travel is easy, new experiences, 'a taste of life', are much more complicated but worth it. We offer all kinds of experiences: from hotels on the Mediterranean Coast, cottages in the mountains, trips to New York, tours of Europe cruises, the possibility of discovering the Patagonia Argentina and even the possibility to enjoy the famous concert experiences New Year in Vienna.
During all these years we have not only focused on outbound tourism, but also take care for more than 12 years of the Central Reservation San Sebastián-Gipuzkoa an arduous task ago but has led us to really know where we live and to be really experts in regard to Donostia and surroundings.

Events, gastronomy, sports

We did not stay here. The enormous world of events and congresses has been part of us since almost the beginning of Equinoccio Viajes. We collaborate, organize and give logistical and technical support to events such as the World Veterans Athletics, the prestigious congress San Sebastian Gastronomika, the XXXIII Trobada Peñas Barca in 2010 and many other events and conferences.

Sports are something Equinoccio loves. Since the opening of the travel agency we are the official agency of the Tour of the Basque Country and the Clasica San Sebastian. Following cycling, it is noteworthy that in 1997 also went the Official Agency Road Cycling World Cup held in San Sebastian. But we are not only immersed in the world of bikes. Athletics is another branch that we love and with whom we have worked a few years. Our job is to manage all accommodation reservations, transfers and displacements of competitors and the organization in races like the Marathon and Half Marathon Donostia Donostia.

As you see we are not the typical travel agency only sells you the ticket and the hotel to the Canary Islands. We are much more. As our slogan says we are "for everyone". We are proud to be an "unconventional Travel Agency".
Equinoccio Viajes born at the end of 1991, as a result of the union of directors of the north of a missing large company in the leading travel agencies in the 70s and 80s Equinoccio Viajes is at the highest level of travel agencies , according to the tourism regulatory agency being retail and wholesale travel. Our company has the highest technical and service means that our work requires (computer connection with all world airlines with a significant number of hotel chains, car rental homes, tour operators, etc. as well as Renfe) systems informáticosz interconnect in real time between our offices, retail management programs that streamline and offer our customers a complete security ... our team is comprised of leading experts in the sector of travel agencies in different departments; receptive, business services, groups, operations and special events, sales counter, etc., with many years of experience.


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