Idioma de la ficha: English
Cargo de la persona de contacto: Manager
Horarios de atención: L-V: Mañanas: 09:30h a 13:30h // Tardes: 16:30h a 19:30h
Ámbito de actuación: Basque Country, France, Spain
Video de presentación (youtube): RN6k_01-uRg

Overtrails Incoming exposes you to the Basque culture in a sustainable way, delving into the roots of an millenary people such as the Basque Country.

Overtrails Incoming brings you the Basque culture on a sustainably way, digging on the roots of a millenary people as the Basque people. We´re specialized on programs as the Basque Diáspora, we make tailored programs, for groups and individuals and families, and also exclusive and innovating regular tours. Our programs include historic, cultural and ecotourism contents, to make the biodiversity of the “Basque´s Country” known.



We are specialist in organizing trips for groups: vacations, incentives, congresses, large events, etc.



We are committed to ecology and the environment. Our vehicles comply with the Euro6 anti-pollution European regulation. Likewise, they also have Eco-Driving programs.


  • Regular tours, departures on Sunday, Monday and Thursday.
  • Regular excursions, from Monday to Sunday.
  • Private and customized excursions, on demand.
  • VIP countryside unique excursions.


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