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We are a tour operator specializing in cultural walking tours along the Camino de Santiago, Basque Country, Andalucía, Costa Brava and other parts of Spain.

Based in Bilbao, we develop routes from our backyard through firsthand knowledge of the land and its people. We continue to foster and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with local hotels, restaurants, and suppliers in order to assure that they meet our highest quality standards. Through regular visits and open communication with our many partners, we have formed a network of people and places ready to assist you on every step of your journey. We will truly take you off-the-beaten path and introduce you to our friends and favorite secret spots!

Traveling with our company is a very different experience than traveling with a large tour operator that sends one of their many employees to one of their many destinations. Not only do we specialize in Spain, we call it our home, and we work hard to make it feel like it's yours as well. At Fresco Tours, we take the challenge to heart of guaranteeing that your vacation is all that it can be. Our guides are handpicked and receive rigorous training to ensure that they share our vision. We are constantly keeping our eyes and ears peeled for feedback during each trip, in hopes of making those minor adjustments or special details that will take your trip from "great"​ to "unforgettable."​ After all, at the end of the tour, we hope to be more than just your tour company, we hope to become your friends.

Vacation time is a precious commodity for all of us. Just as you work hard to earn it, we work hard to deliver it to you. At Fresco Tours, our expertise, attention to detail, commitment to the client and personal touch will allow you to enjoy every minute of your vacation to the fullest. Are you a travel agent, hotel, restaurant, or industry supplier looking to partner with us? We would be delighted to receive your contact request!

Persona de contacto
  • Contact: Alex Chang
    Position: CEO
  • Travel agency license (CIE): 2368
  • Date of establishment: 2006
  • Wholesaler/retailer: Retailer
  • Nº workers: 6
  • Aprox. turnover: 500k - 2M
  • Customer services languages: Spanish, Basque, English
  • Programa Action Area: Camino de Santiago (French, Portugues and Northern), Basque Country, Andalucia, Barcelona, Madrid and Portugal
  • Distinguishing Products/Services: Cultural and historical-artistic tourism, Active and sports tourism, Wine and food tourism
  • Prioritary Markets: United Kingdom, Ireland & Scotland, United States & Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Japan
  • Service dates and times:
    Mo-Fri from 9am to 5pm
    E-mail: 24/7

Fresco Tours

Colon de Larreategui, 26 - 7 C · 48009 · Bilbao · Bizkaia
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Logotipo Fresco Tours

Fresco Tours es una agencia especializada en el Camino de Santiago y turismo activo, que mezcla cultura y gastronomía en sus recorridos por España. Nuestro objetivo es cuidar cada detalle, para ofrecer una experiencia inolvidable con una atención personalizada de calidad, siendo este un elemento clave y diferenciador de nuestros competidores. Con sede central en Bilbao, atraemos clientes de todo el mundo, principalmente de Estados Unidos y Canadá.

Somos un equipo multicultural, en el que todos estamos implicados y con un objetivo común: que el viajero solo se preocupe de caminar y que se sienta único y especial.

Como prueba de nuestro gran esfuerzo, en 2019 hemos sido reconocidos por el Financial Times como una de las mil empresas que ha crecido más rápido en Europa en los últimos 5 años.

Persona de contacto
  • Persona de contacto: Alex Chang
    Cargo: CEO
  • Licencia CIE: 2368
  • Fecha de fundación: 2006
  • Mayorista/Minorista: Minorista
  • Nº trabajadores: 6
  • Facturación: 500k - 2M
  • Idiomas de atención al cliente: Castellano, Euskara, Inglés
  • Ámbito Actuación Programas: Pais Vasco, Cataluña, Galicia y los Caminos de Santiago (Frances, Portugues, Norte)
  • Productos/Servicios diferenciales: Turismo cultural e histórico-artístico, Turismo activo y deportivo, Turismo enogastronómico
  • Mercados Prioritarios: Reino Unido, Irlanda y Escocia, Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico, Canadá, Australia, Japón
  • Fechas y horarios de atención:
    Horario de Oficina: L - V de 9:00 a 17:00
    Email: 24 h / 7

Fresco Tours

Colon de Larreategui, 26 - 7 C · 48009 · Bilbao · Bizkaia
Atrae Fresco Tours Equipo
Atrae Pilgrimage2
Atrae Picnic2
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