Who makes up ATRAE?

ATRAE is the joint venture of the most important receptive agencies of the entire Basque Country.

At the end of 2014 we created the association ATRAE with a total of 20 agencies throughout the Basque territory with some very clear ends:

  • To contribute to defending and promoting the economic and social interests inherent in the activity of its Associates.
  • To contribute to the promotion and development of the Basque Country as a tourist destination for Package Tours.
  • To promote professionalisation and improvement of the Basque Tourism Sector and mainly that referring to Receptive Travel Agencies and existing tourist elements.
  • To be a channel for the Basque Receptive Sector in all kinds of problems and/or needs to defend and help their resolution.
  • To promote the representativeness, presence and improvement of the image of the Basque Receptive Sector for civil society, the media and Institutions.
  • To act as formal and legal Representation of its Members and of the Basque Receptive Sector for any type of official or private Institution or Entities.

This association is made up of the following receptive agencies:


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